In a Historical Visit to the Largest Islamic Country… The Grand Imam Addresses a Global Speech to Ummah and Meets the Indonesian President
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Prof. Ahmad al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, is to head towards Indonesia in the few coming days in an official visit to meet his Excellency the Indonesian President, Joco Widod. His Grace, the Grand Imam intends to address a global speech to the continent of Asia and Muslims all over the world from the University of Indonesia in the capital Jakarta.

The visit includes a number of remarkable activities, foremost of which are holding the Muslim Council of Elders headed by the Grand Imam, and the Board's meeting with the President of the Republic. Further, The Grand Imam will witness the opening ceremony of Darussalam Gontor Islamic University building in the city of Ponorgo, Western Gawa Governorate. Besides, he will also deliver a lecture in the Independence Mosque in the Capital Jakarta, counted as the largest mosque in Southeast Asia .The Grand Imam will be also granted the Honorary Doctorate appreciating his scientific and religious efforts and contributions in spreading the values of the Moderate Islam, peaceful coexistence within communities, rejecting violence and terrorism.

It is worth mentioning that the visit is the Grand Imam's first visit to Indonesia since he has been in charge of Mashyakhat al-Azhar. The visit is highly favored at all levels in Asia; official, media and popular.