During His meeting with the Vatican Ambassador in Cairo: The Grand Imam of al-Azhar: The World is in a Need Now for Men of Religion
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The Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Prof. Ahmad at-Tayyeb, received Mr./  Bruno Mozaro, the Vatican Ambassador in Cairo, where they discussed the means of mutual dialogue between al-Azhar and Vatican.
In this context, the Grand Imam stated that: "al-Azhar always seeks to support whatever helps in achieving peace and stability worldwide, clarifying that al-Azhar, and all its bodies and entities, are working on communicating with all peoples worldwide, with the aim of spreading the culture of peaceful coexistence".
He added that al-Azhar is supporting all types of strong correlations between the different peoples and countries, on the cultural and religious levels. He stressed as well that the world is in a dire need for men of religion; a need more than the power of money and economy that created the power of arms which brought about the sufferings of humanity in the modern history. He also pointed out that al-Azhar is ready to work with all peace lovers in order to abolish the tensions, caused by the global systems to serve their own personal interests.
On his part, the Vatican Ambassador in Cairo expressed his pleasure to meet the Grand Imam, in his first visit to al-Azhar Sheikhdom, since he was newly appointed to the post. He stressed that he appreciates al-Azhar and the efforts exerted by the Grand Imam in establishing and spreading the humanitarian peace on both the regional and international levels.
He added that the Vatican will work through serious steps, to restore the mutual dialogue between al-Azhar and Vatican, since he believes that all the heavenly religions call for disseminating the values of justice and peace for the sake of the progress of humanity.